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Heer Cu 375 Sleek

Small IUD, easy to insert and effective pregnancy prevention

Heer Cu 375 Sleek (Intrauterine Contraceptive Device)
2 Easy Steps for Insertion with No Plunger

HEER Cu 375 Sleek (Intrauterine Contraceptive Device), long-acting non hormonal contraception that is placed inside the uterus.

1. HEER Cu 375 Sleek using the insertion tube all the way until it reaches the fundus
2. Gently rotate and pull tube after the IUD is secured and cut the IUD string

HEER Cu 375 Sleek

• Non-hormonal long-acting contraception made from polyethylene.
• Useful with vertical length of only 2.95 cm
• (normal IUDs generally are 3,2 cm to 3.6 cm)


When to insert:

  • Anytime the clients wishes for insertion, as long as it is confirmed that there is no pregnancy
  • Most recommended during bleeding period of the normal menstruation cycle
  • Can also act as emergency contraception if inserted up to 72 hours unprotected sex
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  • Can be inserted 15 days after miscarriage
  • Can be inserted up to 12 weeks after caesarean operation (should check this first with local guidance and standard procedures)
  • Can be placed post placental: within 10 minutes after expulsion of the placenta following a vaginal delivery
    • Immediate postpartum insertion: after the post placental period, but within 48 hours of delivery and before the client leaves the hospital
    • Note: IUD insertion between 48 hours and four weeks postpartum is not recommended.
  • HEER Cu 375 Sleek is a long acting non hormonal contraception
  • Can be effective up to 5 years after insertion
  • Can be used by breast feeding women, hence HEER Cu 375 Sleek doesn’t interfere breast milk production
  • Quick return to fertility


  • Low expulsion rate (<2%)
  • IUD arms design is unique and doesn’t require folding prior to insertion. This helps to ensure minimum contact with the device during preparation, that will reduce possibility of infections.
  • No hormonal side-effects
  • Effective up to 5 years after insertion.


  • Easy 2 steps insertion
  • No plunger makes insertion process faster
  • Quick return to fertility and can be removed anytime the clients wishes to

Contra Indications:

HEER Cu 375 Sleek should not be inserted to clients who are:

  • Having a history of STI’s in the last 12 months
  • Suspected endometriosis
  • Woman who are pregnant
  • Having other uterus abnormality
  • Allergic to Copper

Side Effects:

Most side effects occur temporarily after insertion. Common reported side effects are:

  • Change in menstrual bleeding patterns
  • Clients with undetected STI’s might develop Pelvic Inflammatory Disease


Keep in cool place avoid direct sunlight, water and heavy impact.
HEER Cu 375 Sleek IUD are being produced to meet the international standard and have been used by millions of Asian families

HEER: Quality Intrauterine Contraception at an affordable price